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Abington Park Vets

Abington Park Vets

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I’ve always found the staff at Abington Park Vets to be friendly and professional. They claim to be open 24 hours. Parking however is problematic.


Abington Park vets on Wellingborough Road is one of the more popular vets in Northampton. I say this based on conversations with other pet owners I meet and comments made by clients of mine. I also note that at the time of writing they are listed as one of vets listed on Three Best Rated website, alongside Vets4Pets (who I’m personally registered with) and White Cross Vets which we recently reviewed.

Abington Park Vets – What I Like

As mentioned above I’ve always found the staff at Abington Park Vets to be both professional and friendly towards customers. They seem to operate from two locations. The one I’m reviewing and have most experience with is the Wellingborough Road branch. However they also have facilities at the Veterinary Hospital in Moulton. I get the impression that this veterinary hospital has a very good reputation, even in surrounding counties as I’ve known people who have been referred there.

I had such an instance recently where someone living close to Corby was referred there for CCL (Cranial Cruciate Ligament) surgery. This is a very common operation among dogs but it’s still reassuring that vets working at this hospital have carried out such operations well over a thousand times.

Looking at other reviews it seems that the prices charged by Abington Park Vets are also good. They seem to receive particular praise for their emergency care as they don’t seem to charge hugely inflated prices for emergency appointments in the middle of the night.

Abington Park Vets – Any Negatives

Having stated all the things I like about this vets the time has come to mention the only negative. It needs saying even though it’s something that’s not really within their control. My only beef with this vets is the parking situation.

The building they operate from looks more like a residential building than commercial premises. They are the corner property on Wellingborough Road and Wantage Road. Finding a parking space on Wantage Road is always hard. Abington Park Vets do have their own car park at the rear of the building but it’s far from ideal. There are too few spaces, especially once one or two of their own vehicles are parked here. Secondly the access road to this car park is in a shockingly bad state. There is even a sign warning about raised ironworks. I certainly wouldn’t want to drive a low slung sports car on this road.

As mentioned it’s not really something that those who work there can control. Hopefully their car park would have spaces in the middle of the night. I would imagine owners who are rushing their sick pet to the vet in the middle of the night would not appreciate the added stress of trying to find a parking space.

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