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Pet Transport UK

Our pet transport service is available for journeys long and short. We operate throughout the UK and use dedicated and reliable air conditioned vehicles. Vehicles are fitted with professional safety cages and we also carry portable pet carriers more suited to puppies and kittens. 

Pet Transport Services

Pet Transport UK
Short Distance

Typically the short, local journeys we make include trips to the vets or groomers. Customers are often either housebound or don’t drive themselves. When owners are unable to get an appointment outside work hours we are able to attend these appointments on your behalf, with your authority. 

Long Distance

Long distance pet transportation enquiries typically include house moves / relocations or the collection of a kitten or puppy from a breeder in a different part of the country. 

Pet Taxi Service - Cat & Dog Transport

Pet Transport FAQ

Do you need a licence to transport dogs?

In the UK if you want to transport pets a distance over 65km for monetary gain you require a licence.

The Type 1 Animal Transport Licence is for road journeys up to 8 hours in duration. The Type 2 licence covers journeys over this duration. Always ensure you use a licenced pet transport company. 

What is the best way to transport a cat?

A hard rigid pet carrier is usually the best way to transport a cat. The carrier should be large enough for the cat to stand up and turn around in. The base should be lined with something like vet bedding.

We own two sizes of rigid pet carrier to suit cats of all sizes. 

Do cats get car sick ?

Yes it’s much more common for a cat to be sick on a car journey than a dog. This is mostly due to stress and anxiety. Products like Feliway can help. Putting a favourite toy or something with a scent of home in the carrier is also worth trying. 

Is it expensive to use a pet transport company?

No, we feel our quotes are very competitive.

Ask us for a quote and then consider how much your time is worth, the amount of fuel you would use and the wear and tear using your own vehicle. 

Our Prices

We generally charge by the hour at two different rates. Our local rate is cheaper and reflects that we use less fuel. Please contact us for an exact quote based on your circumstances and any likely waiting time. 

Same County
£ 22
Hourly Rate
  • Price Includes Fuel
  • Vet Appointments
  • Grooming Appointments
Long Distance
£ 26
Hourly Rate
  • Price Includes Fuel
  • House Moves
  • Puppy Collection
Why Use Us?
Gary Box
Gary Box

Your pet is a loved member of your family and as such you want to be sure that you are using someone who is also passionate about animals. We treat all pets that we transport as if they were our own. Naturally this includes that they are watered and are able to take toilet breaks as and when needed. 

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