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About Us

Premium Dog Walkers started in April 2020 but the idea goes back slightly further. It was started by Gary Box who had been running his own successful dog walking business since early in 2017. 

The Coronavirus lockdown that happened in 2020 resulted in dog walkers having to temporarily stop their businesses. Rather than sit at home and do nothing Gary decided to build this website and start promoting it in a few locations within the UK. 

We hope to expand into more locations in the coming years. 

Our Story

Welcome to Premium Dog Walkers! My name is Gary Box and I started Premium Dog Walkers in April 2020. It’s not my first dog walking business however. The following is our story which we will continually update.  

June 2015

My partner Ewelina and I moved from a rented property in London to our own home in Northampton. The chance to share our home with a pet was finally an option. 

March 2016

In March 2016 we rescued a 7 month old Border Collie called Archie. My weekend travel business meant I was at home with Archie during the week. When I was away at weekends Ewelina would look after Archie. I sold the travel business in October 2016. 

February 2017

Needing to earn an income but not wanting to leave Archie for long periods resulted in me starting Northampton Dog Walker. 

2018 – 2020

Other people interested in starting their own dog walking business contacted me. I designed their websites and got them to rank at the top of Google for their main keywords. These including dog walkers in Bedford, Solihull, Ayr, Loughborough and Nottingham. 

April 2020

Due to Coronavirus the UK is on lockdown. With the extra time available and to prevent boredom I begin to design a website for Premium Dog Walkers. 

June 2020

We start offering pet services in our first location,  Northampton.

Our Mission

Premium Dog Walkers promotes the highest levels of customer service. We offer quality pet care at reasonable prices in every town and city that we operate in.