Dog Walking Jobs Coventry

Dog Walking Jobs Coventry

The term ‘dog walking jobs’ is regularly searched on Google and it’s perhaps no surprise. The idea of working with animals and pets in particular has always had great appeal. For most however the search doesn’t come to anything for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Some of those who search the term ‘dog walking jobs’ are looking to be employed rather than self employed. It’s quite rare to find a company or individual willing to recruit people as employees. The vast majority of dog walkers are self employed themselves. It’s highly unlikely they will take people on with better terms and conditions than they have themselves. Employees are entitled to holiday pay, sick pay and pension contributions.
  • Those willing to be a self employed dog walker question whether they can compete with all the more established dog walking services in their area.
  • Will the reality of being a dog walker match what I imagine it to be? Making a career change can be a big decision. Having someone to speak with who is already a dog walker can help. Shadowing a dog walker for a day can also really give you a better sense of the job and make you consider things you might not have considered. This is especially true in terms of things like time management and tips on how to match dogs for group walks.

Dog Walking Jobs Coventry – Why Coventry?

In my opinion, with the right marketing you could start a successful dog walking service in almost any region of the UK. Some towns and cities however make particularly good choices. I feel Coventry is a great location for a number of reasons. Generally the demand for the service will reflect the number of competitors in that town or city. Finding the search volumes in Google is quite easy. If you have a website that ranks near the top of page 1 for the main keywords you can expect regular enquiries. The higher the demand for the service the faster you will become established and busy. The term ‘dog walkers Coventry’ for example is searched on average 390 times a month.

Another reason I feel Coventry is a good option is that studies have shown that it’s one of the fastest growing locations in the UK. Indeed the following article from March 2020 states Coventry is the fastest growing city in the whole of the UK.

Coventry Telegraph – Coventry named UK’s fastest growing city

I’ve found a number of other articles, some in the national press that also say Coventry is projected to continue to grow faster than almost anywhere else in the UK. Those looking for dog walking jobs in Coventry who are willing to be self employed really should be confident of success with the right preparation.

Dog Walking Jobs Coventry – Who is suited?

Premium Dog Walkers is really keen to have a presence in Coventry. Those considering dog walking jobs in Coventry should contact us for more information. We can give an honest opinion regarding the pros and cons of dog walking as a career. Our years of experience can help you avoid making the sorts of mistakes dog walkers make when they are new. By letting us handle your marketing you can save lots of time and hassle and concentrate on delivering a high standard of pet care to your customers.

So what qualities are we looking for? The following list will hopefully give potential dog walkers a good idea.

  • You must be fit and healthy. Typically you will walk between 2 and 4 walks a day. These might be half hour walks or hour long walks, depending on exactly what services you decide you want to offer. You would be walking in all seasons and weathers. Customers want someone they can rely on.
  • Ideally you will be a car owner. In order to make a decent living from dog walking you really need to be able to drive. If you have a licence to drive but don’t currently own a car we can give advice on what models we feel make good dog walking vehicles.
  • You must be able to obtain a clean DBS certificate. Dog owners give dog walkers a key to their property. They want to be sure they can trust their walker, both around their pet(s) and their home. A basic DBS certificate can be obtained online for just £25.00.
  • You must be passionate about animals. Whilst it’s not critical that you own pets yourself, you should be able to evidence that you have some experience with pets or have an empathy towards animals.

If having read this article you feel you have the right qualities please do contact us.

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